2xAAA Battery Cage with JST Connector

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This 2xAAA Battery Cage with JST connector is compatible with the Igloo, PICAXE wearable module and the BBC micro:bit. Supplied with 145mm colour coded power leads and a JST connector at the end, this battery cage is light and features a M3 mounting hole in the centre so it can be attached to the back of BBC micro:bit cases. The JST connector easily plugs into the Igloo and BBC micro:bit to provide a portable power supply. Ideal in any project kit with a JST connector power supply interface.

JST connector for easy power supply connections.
Holds 2 x AAA batteries.
Clips hold AAA batteries securely in place.
145mm colour coded power leads and a JST connector.
Clip holder resistant to sudden impacts and vibrations.

1 x 2xAAA Battery Cage with JST Connector.

Length: 53mm.
Width: 25mm.
Height: 13mm.

2 x AAA Batteries.

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